P&C Issuing Instructions

Issuing Personal Lines Applications

The following are required ON or BEFORE the effective date in order to issue all policies:

  • Signed Applications – Applications must contain either a wet signature or an electronic signature in all applicable fields.  (For ease of use and accuracy we recommend subscribing to a low-cost E-Signature system such as Adobe E-Sign or Formstack Sign)  Be sure to read and familiarize yourself with each application as certain fields only require a signature if rejecting coverage. All pages of the application need to be submitted to Shari Brewer shari@aisohio.com by email, regular mail or an E-sign system.
  • A completed Instructions For Policy Issue form must be submitted. Available in Documents section of Virtual Office.  All applicable fields must be complete.
    • Insured’s Name.
    • Issue Date – The effective date the policy will go in force. Normally this is the date that the down payment is processed. If you would like us to take the down payment earlier than the issue date please indicate this in the Special Instructions.
    • Application Type – Indicate if paper or electronic application will be utilized.
    • Payment Frequency Modes – Complete the company for each policy type as well as what mode of payment. If using a mode that is not listed (EFT, Annual, etc) indicate in the Special Instructions.
    • Mortgagee Clause Release Form – All required information can generally be found on the policyholders current Home Declaration Pages. Make sure to verify accuracy with the policyholder. The address should be for the Mortgage or Escrow Department not the local branch.
    • Insurance Premium Billing Authorization – Complete either the Checking or Credit Card information to be used for all payment types. (Direct Bill, EFT or Recurring Credit Card). A paper check is not required for one time payments as we will utilize an E-Check from the provided routing and account numbers. If the customer prefers to write a check make sure it is made to AIS or George White, whichever is applicable, not the insurance company.
  • Completed Cancellation Form – This form must be completed in full for us to cancel the policyholder’s current policy(ies).  Available in Documents section of Virtual Office.
    • Date – Date the form is completed.
    • Producer – Name, Address, Phone and Fax Number of Agent whose policy is being cancelled. Do not submit without Fax Number. Call the agency or look it up online if not on the Declaration Page.
    • Company Name – Name of the Insurance Company whose policy is being cancelled. It is not necessary to list an address.
    • Policy Type – Auto, Homeowner, Boat, etc…
    • Policy Numbers – Complete in Full.
    • Cancellation Date – This is generally the same as the new policy issue date.
    • Effective Date – The effective date of the new policy.
    • Insured Name and Address – Name and Address of the Policyholder as listed on the Declaration Pages.
    • Signature of Named Insured – Only one is required if multiple insured’s.
    • Witness – This can be the agent.


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